Why Do Cats Make Wonderful Companions?

Did you know that December is National Cat Lovers month? And what better way to celebrate than to bask in the glory of all the things we adore about them? (Aside from showering your feline friend with love, of course.) Started by popular Cat magazine, Catster in 2014, cat lovers all over have been using the month of December to celebrate their favorite pets. Since the domestication of these animals began more than 10,000 years ago, pet ownership statistics compiled by thezebra.com estimate that over 25% of households are now home to at least one cat. Experts have assumed that there are 58 million pet cats in the United States alone (American Veterinary Medical Association). 

It's safe to say that these animals have become widely adored and are a huge part of a lot of people's lives today. Therefore, in honor of this purr-fectly wonderful time of year, Keblam has compiled a list of all the best things about our furry companions. Nothing says appreciation like flattery and fawning. Well except for gifts, of course, but is it any coincidence that this appreciation month also coincides with all the wonderful gift-giving holidays? If you need any more reasons to shower your favorite feline this holiday season, we've got you covered.


Arguably one of the most appealing factors of cat ownership is the fact that they are considered lower maintenance animals. Compared to dogs and other common pets that require a lot of attention and outdoor activity, cats for the most part, are very self-sufficient animals. According to freshpet.com, They don’t require formal training, they don’t need to be taken out multiple times a day, and they’re even able to take care of basic self-cleaning. This doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cared for but it does make cats the perfect pet for someone who may not have as much free time to spend on maintenance. 


Aside from being independent, cats are also quieter than some other pets. This makes them great companions for those who do not like a lot of noise or for people living in apartments where noise may be a concern for neighbors. If noise is that big of a concern for you, there are even some specific breeds who are known for being naturally silent. According to Purina, If you want feline companionship but want to maintain a quiet environment, consider a silent or quiet cat breed. They still purr and may even meow from time to time, but they are much less vocal than other breeds. This may be the best alternative for someone who does not want a dog barking constantly or a bird chirping all the time. 


Another wonderful thing about cats is that they are a natural deterrent for mice, rats and other rodents who may find their way around your home. Owning a cat is one of the best ways to keep these critters away. Aside from being instinctive hunters, the presence of a cat alone can be enough to deter critters. In a 2016 study about public health, Jen Christensen of CNN observed how many residents and business owners have been using cats as exterminators for years. Not only are they natural hunters but it was noted how even when they aren’t hunting or eating them, they can also deter rats from coming near by, as cats mark their territory, not with urine, but by simply rubbing up against things. Even this scent of a cat can make rats scatter. 


Research has shown that the companionship of owning pets can help with things like depression and anxiety. Some suggest that cat owners specifically, may be happier and healthier. In one study compiled by researchgate, it was found that people with cats reported experiencing fewer negative emotions and feelings of seclusion than people without cats. In fact, singles with cats were in a bad mood less often than people with a cat and a partner. It is even said that a cat’s purr can help soothe and calm their owners. If you’ve ever heard or experienced cats purring, you can probably understand how it could be relaxing to hear. There are even scientific reasons to support why. The CatNipTimes writes that a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hz, which is known to be medically therapeutic for illnesses in humans. A cat’s purr can not only lower stress, it can also help labored breathing, lower blood pressure, help heal infections, and even promote bone strength. It has also been proven how simply petting your furry friend for a few minutes a day can be helpful. Research out of Washington State University suggests as little as 10 minutes playing with a cat or dog can lower stress levels. It’s no wonder why pets have been used as therapy tools for so long. 


One of the big reasons why some people are drawn to feline ownership is affordability. While properly caring for any pet requires some financial commitment, Over the course of their lifetimes, cats are generally more affordable than dogs.Though prices tend to vary by breed, they are generally cheaper to adopt and purchase, and end up requiring less expenses as they grow. Because dogs have a tendency to destroy their toys, they have to be made from much tougher (and much more expensive) materials—or replaced often. Cat toys are relatively cheap to buy and even cheaper (and easy) to DIY. You also don’t have to worry about paying for a walker or pet sitter which may be the case with a canine companion. It is estimated that due to their lifespans, that the average cat costs $13,625-$17,510 in a lifetime in comparison to the $16,607-$22,423 average for dogs (2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey)

At the end of the day, owning a pet is a personal and major life decision that should not be taken lightly. Despite all of these reasons, owning any pet still requires a lot of love and attention (Yes, even our independent cats). Whether you decide on a furry feline friend or any other kind they all deserve the best possible care and should only be acquired by those who can properly meet their needs. It is not a decision to take lightly but if you are capable and do decide to become a cat owner, the joy and fulfillment you will experience is priceless. As pet owners ourselves, we here at Keblam can assure you that you won’t regret it. 

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Why Do Cats Make Wonderful Companions?



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